What is Veryfi Logbook?

Veryfi Logbook app tracks your business-related vehicle travels automatically with detailed logs ready for tax reporting, hands-free of course. Take the stress out of keeping a journal of trips with Veryfi Logbook app.

Delightful Mobile Experience

Veryfi Logbook app is optimized for reliability, availability, and speed so you can get on with work stress-free.

Your Data is Safe

Veryfi Logbook app is built with data-privacy and security at the core so you won't become a victim of social engineering. Veryfi is HIPAA & GDPR compliant.

Build for Teams

Veryfi Logbook app empowers you and your team with superpowers of automation, tools they need to win and excel in their job.

Is Veryfi Logbook for you?

If you answer YES to any of these, then Veryfi Logbook app is for you

Road Warrior

Are you constantly on the road selling? Driving between clients and prospects to get work done?


Are you self-employed or a business owner who needs to keep track of tax deductions to maximize your tax returns?

Uber /& Lyft Driver

Do you need to accurately track your mileage (or kms) to maximize your tax deductions?

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Veryfi Ecosystem

The ecosystem consists of the following Veryfi apps which improve your productivity, automate the boring parts of your job and help you make faster & smarter decisions in real-time.